10 Fashion Styles That Must Be Stopped Right Now

10 Fashion Styles That Must Be Stopped Right Now. Please, please stop. For the sake of fashion!

MC Sagger

Flickr: victoriapeckham

Ugg-ly Betty

Flickr: 27128437@N07 Getty/Marc Piasecki/Contributor

The Spandex King

Maria Sheila / Flickr: marias_mystique



Lady Drapery

Frank Kovalchek / Flickr: 72213316@N00

Madam Leather

Flickr: 62588921@N07 Flickr: 62588921@N07

Mister Flower Power

Flickr: design-dog

Benjamin Button

Flickr: asw909

Business On the Top, Party On the Bottom???

Jennifer Pauley / Flickr: seemesnap

The Tightey Whitey

Flickr: 60705975@N08

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