Top 8 Signs You Are a Winner

10 Signs You’re A Born Winner. You’€™ve always been a winner, you just don’€™t brag about it.

You have more talent in your eyebrows than other people have in their entire bodies.


Your achievements at an early age were so good they were borderline terrifying.


Wishes are for the weak.


Your amazing talents have always been able to stop traffic.


You’re a nonconformist who’s not interested in playing by anyone else’s rules.


From early on you realized that you’ll always be the most interesting person at the party.


You are nobody’s backup singer, you’re the main attraction baby!

TLC / farfromcomplete.tumblr.com

In fact, you’re so interesting all you have to do is hold a potato to get everyone’s attention.


One of your best qualities has always been your resourcefulness.


You’ve always known how to make the best of any situation.


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