These Statues Are Having A Day Much Worse Than Yours

These kids who were just trying to play in peace.

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This arachnophobe.

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Abe Lincoln.

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This child who’s caught in the middle.


This triceratops.

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This man who will never be clean again.

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These businessmen who can’t have a nice chat without getting a foot to the face.

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This policeman who was just trying to do his job.

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This couple who are having a bit of a moment.


This guy who caught more than he bargained for.

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And this poor soul who can’t even shave in private.


These guys who are being mocked by children.

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This bear who’s just lost the woman he loved.

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This chap who was just trying to hammer some stuff.

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This woman who is definitely not that child’s mum.


And this guy who definitely isn’t a single lady.

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Some of them, however, are having a great time.


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