The Parents Of These Kids Were Clearly Doing Something Right

This very helpful little fellow:

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The kids who were in charge of naming this emu:

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This girl who is excited to have anointed her cat as a princess:

Source dailydot.tumblr.com

This kid who knows the proper way to ask her parents if she can watch TV:

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Any kid who orders the “Bandit Plate”:

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This kid who figured out how to get around his nurses:

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This evil genius in the making:

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Or this one:

Source slightlywarped.com

This kid who clearly has great taste in full-body diapers:

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The kid who figured out the perfect place for his dad’s keys:

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Any kid who knows where exactly he wants to be on Sunday mornings:

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The kid who subtly implies that he’s ready to play by putting toys in his parents’ hands as they nap:

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Any kid who doesn’t care about gender roles:

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Like this girl (and her awesome dad):

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Any kid who insists on wearing a horse mask out in public:

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The budding philanthropist who sold her stuffed animals so shelter animals could benefit:

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This genius who has mastered the art of hide and seek:

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This future poet laureate:

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This little Jedi who managed to saber Darth Vader right in the dark side while visiting Disney Land:

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This girl with a keen sense of what matters most in this world:

Source passiveaggressivenotes.com

The young lady who learned her “serious face” from the dog:

Source reddit.com

The architect of the world’s most perfect day:

Source woodington.tumblr.com

And Tina Fey’s daughter:

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