Not An Outdoor Person? You’ll Relate To This!

People will shame you for wanting to spend time indoors, like there is something seriously wrong with you.

If it is sunny outside, you know you *SHOULD* want to be outdoors… But you still would rather stay inside!

All you can think about when you go outside is exposing yourself to the excruciating heat…


…or the freezing cold…

Or even just moist.

The minute you step outside, you’re terrified of exposing yourself to mosquitoes, ants, and a variety of other creepy crawly things.


Which is basically your worst nightmare.

You would ALWAYS rather sit on your couch and watch Netflix than go outdoors and do anything.

And being sweaty sucks.

When you step outdoors, you become super paranoid about not having access to a bathroom…

Breathing fresh air *sounds* fun on paper, but you still would rather enjoy a gulp of nice, clean, indoor air.

You like your environment climate-controlled.

You would always prefer to enjoy the peace and quiet of being indoors, as opposed to the oppressive noise of traffic, animals, and worst of all…


You hate the fact that going outdoors means you have to dress properly, as opposed to just chilling in your sweatpants or underwear.

Going outside means you won’t have a refrigerator or microwave accessible so there is a very good chance you will die from starvation.

The only way you find it remotely acceptable to be outside is either if you’re at the pool, or in a lounge chair in the shade…

…Or to make a run to your local Starbucks.

Trigger words for you include “hiking,” “camping,” and “sleeping bag.”

And no matter how much “fun” you may be having outside, you know you would rather be chilling indoors.

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