How To Tick Off A Pizza Lover

“We ran out of pizza.”

“Hey guys! We brought Little Caesars!”

“There’s this great vegan pizza spot we should totally try out.”


They only deliver until 11:00 p.m.”


“If it’s OK with you guys, I’m taking the last slice.”

But you can only have two slices each.”

Let’s get something else.”


“Pizza is so overrated.”


“So what’s better? New York thin crust or Chicago deep dish?”

“You want to get some ‘za?”

“You want to get a pizza cone?”


That’ll be $6.57.”

That can’t be good for you.”

Let’s get broccoli as a topping!”

With some side eye and a hint of douchiness: “Are you eating pizza for breakfast?”

“I hate pizza.”

If you hate pizza, you’re hating life.


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