29 Truths About Being A Harry Potter Fiend

You’ll spend copious amounts of money funding trips to the various Harry Potter studios around the world.

Only to spend even more money once you’re there on souvenirs and Butterbeer.

You’ll spend an insane amount of time looking through the Harry Potter tag on Tumblr.

You’ll find yourself feeling extremely disappointed when you purchase a wand and can’t actually jinx anyone.

You know what house you’d be sorted into, and you’re loyal as fuck.

You won’t be able to think about Fred and George without tears welling up in your eyes.

You’ve experienced MANY breakups because they didn’t like Harry Potter.

When you hear *doo do doo do doo* at the beginning of Harry Potter, you lose your shit.


And a piece of your heart breaks every time you finish the book series.

But then you realize you can just start over…

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