26 Things JB Employees Really Wish You Knew

No, tattoos aren’t a requirement of employment.


Neither is wearing black.


No seriously, they’re the beeeeessssssst !


If you look closely around the store, you might find an Easter egg like this:

Or this…

Or these:

…And then the next day, everyone is all like:


If you’re yelling at a counter staff member, you’re probably yelling at the wrong person, and on the inside, they’re probably like:


A good store is a store you feel comfortable singing and dancing in the aisles with your co-workers.


If you’re register savvy, you can write your co-workers letters using stock titles.

Sometimes they get really, really truly awful requests:

But a crafternoon can make everything better.

When you talk down to the staff by phrasing your questions like, “You’ve probably never heard of it, it’s a really old film… It’s called Psycho ?” the staff might not love it.


On the other hand, if you ask for something that is intentionally misspelt, it doesn’t hurt to clarify the spelling.


Personal space is something to be cherished.


They don’t love it when you piss in the store.


When you want to return a DVD because it has subtitles, this is what the staff are doing on the inside.


It’s like, dance-y? You know?” aren’t helpful.


The staff don’t actually burn the CDs and DVDs themselves.


Serving a customer with similar interests to you is the best.


If you hear staff members joking around or having a cheeky banter, feel free to join in.


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