25 Things You Thought Are True, But Are Not

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View25 Things You Thought Are True, But Are Not. This changes everything!

Glass doesn’t actually flow like a liquid, and old glass only appears rippled because of antiquated glass-manufacturing processes.

Glass is an amorphous solid that only begins to flow like a liquid above the glass transition temperature of 777 ºF. Unevenness in old glass is due to the window-manufacturing processes used at the time that cause variable thickness in panes of glass.
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Some claim that it was more likely a fig or pomegranate.

The idea that the forbidden fruit was an apple came from an early pun between the Latin words for evil and apple.
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It’s not actually harmful to pick up baby birds and return them to their nests, and it will not cause their mother to reject them.

Birds don’t really have a very powerful sense of smell, so they wouldn’t even know if you handled their babies. It’s still a good idea to leave baby birds alone, though, since their parents are probably close by.
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All different tastes can be detected on all parts of the tongue.

Also, there are not four, but five primary tastes. In addition to bitter, sour, salty, and sweet, humans have taste receptors for umami, which is a savory or meaty taste.

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