25 Secrets About DJ Pauly D

DJing in New Jersey “feels like home” to him.

He wishes he learned how to play the piano when he was younger.


He’s working on a full album.

DJ Pauly D isn’t shy about who he wants to work with in the future.


He hangs out with Diplo on his days off.


He has a great relationship with G Unit and 50 Cent, who signed him back in 2011.

Pauly D has been DJing since he was 14 years old.

His favorite part about DJing is the crowd interaction.

His favorite artist right now is Bobby Shmurda.


And he has a lot of fun playing his own music as a DJ.

Basically, music is his life.


People in New Zealand love DJ Pauly D too.


His favorite place that he’s traveled to is the Bahamas.


Cutting his hair was not an easy decision for him.

Facebook: DJPAULYD

It used to take him 25 minutes every day to do his hair.


Even though it’s been five years since Jersey Shore first aired, Pauly D still keeps in touch with the rest of the cast.


And he recently celebrated Ronnie being single in Las Vegas.


But he also admitted you never know what the future holds for those two.


He hasn’t met JWoww’s new baby yet, but he has confidence she’ll be a great mom.


Pauly D has met Lorenzo, Snooki’s son, and gets a kick out of him.


He’s excited for the next chapter of their lives they’re all embarking on.


Especially since the cast has come a long way.

He has as new, upgraded routine since his GTL days, and it’s called: PBC.


If he could go back in time he wouldn’t do anything differently.


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