22 Photos That Prove Other Generations Were Just As Nuts As We Are

“Taking the dog for a walk is so invigorating.”

“Come on kitty, let’s go check out the shops.”


“My dear lady and I are going for a drive, bitches.”

“Seriously, there is NOTHING to be scared of.”

“Wait a sec mate, I’m almost finished.”

That’s just rude.”

“Does that look like middle-stump to you?”

“Kangaroo cricket?! There comes a time in every man’s life where he needs to take up elephant golf.”

Instead, I’ll take on Skippy wearing a tie.”

“Hmmm, what do you reckon, should I take a drop?”

You’ll have to pull my clubs.”

“This photographer is cracking me up.”

“Whaddaya mean, ‘strike a pose’?”

“Why do you have your paws on your ears, Possum??”

“MUM!!! This isn’t what I meant when I said I wanted chicken tonight.”

“Time for a snack with a special someone.”

“Walking is sooooo 19th century, darl’.”

“Skipping is a helluva lot more fun with a friend.”

“Balancing goats on ladders: clinically proven to be the very best way to relax after a tough day’s graft.”

“Whaddaya mean you’re a pacifist?!”

“You’re making me laugh so much I’m going horse.”

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