22 Facts Rain Fans Can Relate To

And when everyone else is complaining about how it’s “so gross out there” you never know how to participate.


Because you know the truth: Rain is the best!


And you’re not fazed by the prospect of getting a little wet.


The patter of rain on a rooftop or against a windowpane is universally acknowledged as the most peaceful sound in the world.


If you’re feeling wistful, or romantic, or ~emotional~ in general, rainfall is the ultimate complement.


Conversely, if you’re a bit cynical, or antisocial, or just kind of over it, the rain is also your best friend.


No one questions your cancellation of plans as long as you say something like, “It’s just really coming down out there.”


Rain is essentially your get-out-of-jail-free card, except “jail” is life, and socialization, and all of your obligations.


So while everyone else is sulking…


You are loving life.


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