21 Worst Things That Happen To Conflict-Averse People

When someone deliberately cuts you in line.


When a co-worker is making a horribly annoying sound.


When your friend bails on you last minute.


When someone hurts you on accident.


When someone you really aren’t into asks you out.

When your order is not even remotely what you asked for.


When your friends are in a heated debate and then ask you for your opinion.

When someone asks if they can borrow your favorite shirt.


When you’ve completely run out of toilet paper and it’s your roommate’s turn to get it.

When your friends want to go eat Indian food and you hate Indian food.

When someone asks if they can copy your idea.


When you pay for a friend’s meal and they forget to pay you back.

When the person next to you on a plane falls asleep on you and snores.


When the item you thought was on sale, doesn’t ring up as on sale.

When someone is talking during a movie.


When you get cut off while driving.

When someone interrupts your story.


When you don’t get credit for a good idea.


When someone asks if you’re mad at them.


When people ask you to be the DD again.


When you finally reach your breaking point, and try to speak your mind.

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