Turtle Selfies You Have To See

Australia’s Sea Life Conservation Fund asked people to share photos of themselves doing anything turtle-related for World Turtle Day (TODAY!!!)

Facebook: sealifeconservation

“I was stranded till you found me.”

“Can I eat it?” Apparently, tortoises are turtles too.


Yurtle The Tiny Long-Necked Turtle.

Teenie turtles on Vanautu.

“He smiles when I smile” #turtleshelfie.

“My turtle Kellins – he’s such a poser.”

Is this a real turtle?!


Getting up close on Lady Elliot Island, GBR

Wow, turtles get big!

Is touching turtles “For The Turtles” okay?!

Guess so!

Turtle Rescue, good work ladies!

Turtle Lips.


Double Trouble.

Synchronized Swimmers.

That bloke off Big Brother.

Mornings on Nine presenter David Campbell.

Singer/model/actress turtle lover Sophie Monk.

Admit it, you had to look twice to sure this wasn’t a turtle.

Very convincing.

Yep, that’s a dead turtle 🙁

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