These Photos Will Make You Incredibly Nostalgic Of Your Childhood


Source rapgenius.com

See-through phones:

Source etsy.com

Ridiculously uncomfortable blow-up furniture:

Source thisny.com

A towering bowl of French Toast Crunch:

Source reddit.com

Ridiculously fashionable choker necklaces:

Source viewitem.eim.ebay.hu

The hardest game you’ll ever play:

Source underscoopfire.com

And the hardest mountain you’ll ever climb:

Source gossipy.co

This amazing fast-food prize:

Source pkmncollectors.livejournal.com

Or this amazing cereal prize:

Source indulgy.com

These tools for creating artistic masterpieces:

Source funnyjunk.com

Or this computer program for creating a masterpiece:

Source en.wikipedia.org

Or this beautiful work of art:

Balancing birds:

Source sears.com

The original iPod:

Source collegecandy.com

A chat with an online robot:

Source tumblr.com

Pierre Escargot, in all his glory:

Source lovelyish.com

The original text message:

Source thirtyhandmadedays.com

The stickiest high-five you’ll ever get:

Source amazon.com

The leaning tower of cheeza:

Source imdb.com

A robot dog that does tricks:

Source nineteenninetyschild.tumblr.com

This waiting screen:

Source youtube.com

Or this waiting screen:

Source youtube.com

Your first castle:

Source groups.ultimate-guitar.com

Or this flying toy:

Source Facebook: Sky-Dancers

A pair of these bad boys:

Source toysrus.com

A brand-spankin’-new pack of cards:

Source pokeorder.com


Source Facebook: BuglesNachoCheese

These literary classics:

Source pinterest.com

A classroom full of thumbs raised:

Source Facebook: Lights-turn-off-HEADS-DOWN-THUMBS-UP-TIME-TO-PLAY-sEVEN-UP

A pixelated little blob:

Source wikihow.com

Crazy gumball eyes:

Source weheartit.com

A tall glass of this good stuff:

Source h4mla.com

A big ol’ bowl of dinosaur eggs:

Source reddit.com

These pieces of fancy silverware:

Parachute day:

Source en.webfail.net

This ragtag team of appliances:

Source rottentomatoes.com

And this ragtag team of animals:

Source latimes.com


Source eddielicious00.tripod.com

A rainbow Koosh:

Source trainerswarehouse.com

This ancient artifact:

Source dlisted.com

These beautiful smells:

Source 7flare.com

Book-fair handouts:

Source memoryglands.com

The perfect screensaver:

Source markk-b.tripod.com

Halloween buckets:

Source camp-anawanna.com

A box full of lasers:

Source izismile.com

THE slide at Discovery Zone:

Source keehnankonyha.com

This brand-new car:

Source hamilton.kijiji.ca

A butt scooter:

Source memecenter.com

The only map you’ll ever need:

Source themetapicture.com

And terrifying Gushers commercials:

Source tumblr.com

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