Brilliant Ideas To Help Organize Your Cats

Purhcase a hanging organizer to place them in.

Invest in color-coordinated cat stacks.

Multiple cats? Stack those babies on seperate shelves.

Drawers are a great investment as well.

Plastic bins are a nice substitute for drawers.

Put them at the top of your laudry basket…

Or the bottom of it.

Special shelves for each trophy*

Make sure to label things properly!

File accordingly: C for Charles the Cat.

Sometimes they need their own space, 1 cat per shelf will do.

Tight on space? Cats and hot pockets go together nicely.

Color and number coded cubbies are perfect for 5+ cats.

Kittens and baskets go great together.

Hang your sleepy kitty up to get them out of your hair.

Treat your cat to their own special spot on the top shelf of the closet.

They stow away very nicely in a suitcase.

Cats can squeeze into pretty much anything you have lying around.

If all else fails, stick them in the mail!

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