Blame It On The Alcohol – 24 of the Worst Drunk Purchases

A mug with a picture of Gary Busey on it.

This Nicolas Cage pillowcase.

Cindy Crawford’s entire “Meaningful Beauty” line, a skincare system designed for women in their 40s.


Eyeballs for a car.


A bow tie for a cat.

$60 worth of children’s plush animal hats.


This decorative rug depicting Saddam Hussein.

A Mexican “Predator” statue.

28 bags of discontinued Salsa Verde Doritos for $43.00


A horse mask.

A McDonald’s meal… From the Dominos guy.

An abstract portrait of a monkey.

A stately portrait of a monkey.

A mug fit for a sea captain. Ahoy!

An umbrella hat.

Batman supplies.

A Choco Taco that you forget about for three days.

1,000 Communion wafers, A.K.A. Nutella snacks.

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