30 Translated Movie Titles That Were Better Left Untranslated

The Hangover = What Happened Yesterday?

I love You Phillip Morris = An Uneven Couple

28 Days Later = Extermination

Pulp Fiction = Violent Times

16 Candles = Looking For A Boyfriend

Home Alone = My Poor Little Angel

The Game = Near Death

A Bug’s Life = Bugs

Scream = Scream, Keep An Eye on Who’s Calling

The Breakfast Club = The Club Of The Five

The Nightmare Before Christmas = Jack’s Weird World

The Green Mile = Unexpected Miracles

Saw 2 = The Game Of Fear 2

The Sound of Music = The Rebel Novice

50 First Dates = As If It Were The First Time

Superbad = Supercool

Posession = Multiple Personality

The Hurt Locker = Living At The Limit

Kingdom of Heaven = Crusade

Pineapple Express = Super High

Along Came Polly = My Girlfriend Polly

City of Angels = An Angel In Love

The Kids Are All Right = My Family

Death Becomes Her = Death Suits Her

Sleepless in Seattle = Love Harmony

The American = The Sunset Of A Murderer

There Will Be Blood = Bloody Oil

Lost In Translation = Lost In Tokyo

Walk The Line = Johnny & June Passion and Craziness

101 Dalmatians = The Night Of The Cold Noses

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind = Forget About Me

Jackie Brown = Triple Betrayal

No Country For Old Men = No Place For The Weak

Get Him to the Greek = Everything About My Wild Party

My Girl = My First Kiss

Small Apartments = My Neighbor The Murderer

The Wedding Singer = The Best Of My Weddings

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