25 Cats Who Are Better At Computers Than You

He was close.”

“Okay, time to get started! A good night’s sleep means a good days work, right…wait, how do I turn this on?”

I can get SO much more done!”

Okay, well that is RUDE.”

“The files are INSIDE the computer?”

“How am I supposed to get any work done with you hovering over my shoulder?”

I’ll get so much work done after!”

“Excuse me, can’t you see I’m very busy?”

I can barely see what I’m writing!”

Nap #2.”

“I just need to stretch and regroup before I can keep working.”

Is this a high-tech computer that understands my thoughts?”

“I am not gaming! I’m just clicking through a lot of emails.”

Nap #3 will cure it.”

“I will get creative inspiration after watching a few videos on YouTube.”

“Back on my grind! I can finish this before dinner time, for sure.”

“I can’t do this…not today…must not break computer.”


“Wait, are you writing too? Maybe I’ll get some inspiration from you…”

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