21 Roommates From Hell

The guy who came home to find that his roommate had left this:


This guy who brought home a date, only to find that his roommate had left…


This guy who just wanted Chap Stick and instead saw a whole new side of his roommate.


This person who just needed their roommate to make posters for the garage sale.


This guy who got a nice welcome home present.


The person who woke up to this:


The guy who thought it would be a good idea to let his roommate run the dishwasher:


This person, who wanted to give their parents a present, and whose roommate decided to “contribute” something to it:


This person, whose roommate decided to keep them from ever escaping their room again:


This guy, whose roommate decided to immortalize his worst moment:


The guy who forgot to lock his bedroom door.

This guy, whose roommate gave him a little surprise before his morning commute:


Makes you appreciate your roommate, AMIRITE?!

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