17 Music Hacks To Improve Your Workout

There IS an easier way to work out, after all: If you want to feel like you’re working 12% less hard, the right music can help do the trick.


First, figure out what kind of attention style you have to find out the best way to use music in your workout.

Music is most likely to benefit people who find it hard to focus while working out, and who find it hard to stick with a program.


Choose music you would regularly listen to.


Choose uplifting songs with bright harmonies.

Use shuffle mode or discovery apps (like Pandora or smart playlists for Spotify ) to avoid falling into a rut.

Save your favorite song for when the going gets tough and you need an extra mental boost.


Those pump-up jams are sometimes called “tunnel” songs: the ones you’d want to play if you were an athlete coming out onto the field.


Turn up the volume when you need extra motivation.


Focus on the lyrics .

…Whereas Lady Gaga’s “Applause” would be good for when you’re really breaking a sweat on the treadmill, at 140 bpm.


Lose less breath by choosing synchronous music — something you can coordinate your movements to the beat of.

Choose synchronous music that accounts for how fast you’re moving.


Whatever you choose, your music should have a rhythmic beat…


…because it’ll be harder to work out to music where the tempo and intensity varies a lot, like freeform jazz or prog-rock.

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