Ocean of Beauty

Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov spends a lot of time underwater for his job as the head of a scientific diving team.

He actually started in laboratory scientific photography for his work, then moved underwater with the camera to see what he could capture.

Semenov says the conditions to snap jellyfish need to be just right.

The sea must be calm, without any wind, and the jellies need to be located very close to the surface.

Holding his breath makes sure no air bubbles lift the jellyfish or make waves on the surface.

The jellyfish pictured in this shot is the Cyanea capillata, or the “Lion’s mane jellyfish.”

It’s the biggest jellyfish in the world and can reach up to 7 feet wide, with tentacles that can stretch as long as 100 feet.

Semenov found this out the hard way, after being “burned” by their tentacles.

After that sting, he was unable to speak for two hours and spent a couple of days recovering.

Most of us wouldn’t dare get close enough to a jellyfish, but Semenov shows us just why he does it—look how extraordinary these creatures are!

Elegant ballet dancers of the deep!

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Source: Pop Photo  and Flickr

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