Finger Painting Isn’t Just for Kids!

Iris Scott was classically trained in Florence, Italy and earned her BFA from Washington State University in 2006.

She began finger painting while living abroad in Taiwan, after feeling too lazy to clean her paint brushes during a creative session.

Even without a brush, Scott is able to produce incredible detail and capture emotion in all her paintings.

Some of her work is so detailed, you’d be mistaken to think she used quite a collection of brushes on each one!

Not to get completely messy, Iris now paints while wearing a pair of surgical gloves.

So you can kind of call it high-end finger painting!

Think it’s just a fad? Nope! Iris Scott is represented by two art galleries.

And her original paintings sell for over $5,000 a piece.

And she says she’ll be finger painting for the rest of her life.

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Source: Twisted Sifter

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